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Plus One LIMS

a Doctor/Rose Last Icon Maker Standing competition

Doctor/Rose Last Icon Maker Standing Competition
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Welcome to plusone_lims, a Last Icon Maker Standing competition dedicated to the companionship of the Doctor and Rose from the BBC television show Doctor Who.


You must join and friend the community for your sign up to be accepted.
Sign up here at the sign-up post. Grab the phrase from the bottom of the rules, and add it to a comment with your username. Then you'll be added to the participant's list.
Each week, a new challenge will be posted. You'll have 5 days to submit your icon to the challenge post. Icons must be at least 100x100 and under 40kb, Failure to submit an icon will disqualify you, unless you use a skip.
Each participant earns one skip automatically. If you pimp this community, and notify me here, you will receive an extra skip. Skips are incredibly useful. If you know you will be gone for a number of days and you're out of skips, just let me know in advance and we'll work something out.
Skips cannot be used on the first challenge or once we're down to three people.
Challenges will go up on Sundays. Voting will be posted on Fridays (so you must submit your icon by Friday each week) and will end Sunday afternoons. Anyone (unless you do not have a LJ account) can vote. Voters will comment to vote for what they think are the worst quality icons and also for their favorite icon.
Please do NOT vote for your own icons! That defeats the purpose of this competition. You can, however, vote positively or negatively for any icons except your own.
Your icon cannot be posted anywhere or be a userpic for any LiveJournal account until the voting is over. Failure to remain anonymous will cause disqualification.
Every round at least one maker will be eliminated. The participants with the highest totals of negative total will be eliminated, the icon with the most positive total will win voter's choice. I will also select a mod's choice icon.
If you cannot do well with constructive criticism, then you probably shouldn't be in this competition.
Please include this phrase; 'I wouldn't have missed it for the world.' when you sign up, so I can be sure that you've read the rules.
When submitting your icon, please post the icon AND the URL. Like so:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Suday evening - Challenges will be posted.
Wednesday/Thursday - Midweek reminders will be posted.
Friday morning - Final reminders will be posted.
Friday evenings - Voting will go up.
Sunday afternoons - Voting will end. Results will go up.

Sign Up! // Skip Post.

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